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Four reasons to maintain the vapor barrier of your mobile home

4 Reasons To Maintain The Vapor Barrier Of Your Mobile Home

A mobile home vapor barrier is a layer of protection beneath a mobile home that can do a lot to help your home. Keeping this material in good condition is essential to comfortable and headache-free mobile home living. Our customers in Florida are especially in need of mobile home repairs if they have a damaged vapor barrier because of the problems that can be caused by climate. If you have any damage to a vapor barrier on your mobile home or it is missing entirely, you need to get it repaired or installed for the following important reasons.

Keep Moisture Out Of You Mobile Home

One of the most obvious protections the vapor barrier of a mobile home provides is a defense against moisture. Moisture laden air, ever-present in Florida, can rise through the bottom of your mobile home and do a lot of damage. Many materials found commonly on the underside of mobile homes can be disastrously damaged by excessive moisture on them. Water building up on surfaces can warp and weaken wood, rust metal, or wear down stone, something that no homeowner would want as it can lead to serious structural damage. This excess of moisture can also lead to the growth of mold that poses its own risk to the air quality of your home.

Improve The Overall Insulation Of You Mobile Home

Another reason to keep a vapor barrier in good condition is the insulation it can give your mobile home. It probably comes as no surprise that an added layer underneath your home would help to contain the heating in your home. It's more than that, though. You'll be glad to know this extra insulation also helps with energy efficiency because warmth won't escape as easily meaning it takes less effort for your home to heat the space.

Avoid Fire Hazards

There is more wiring under your floors than you may be aware of. While there is of course protection around the wires themselves, certain components of your electricity may be exposed. A vapor barrier adds a layer of protection from moisture and debris causing issues with these more exposed components. This means your home will be better protected from the fire hazard that damaged parts can cause.

Keep Pests Out Of Your Mobile Homes

One final reason to take good care of your vapor barrier is one that anyone can appreciate. Often without a vapor barrier, the bottom of your mobile home is exposed to the outdoors and all that comes with it. One of those things being pests. Pests can enter through tears in the material that makes up your vapor barrier and enter your home. We all know the pain bugs or rodents can cause when they enter uninvited, so it is in your best interest to preserve the condition of your vapor barrier with vapor barrier repair & installation.

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