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Decks and flooring and sub floors

Your Mobile Home Deck, Flooring & Sub Floor Specialists

There isn't a single mobile home in Palmettothat can't be benefitted by our mobile home decks. All Set also has a range of floor services that will give any mobile home that step up that every homeowner is looking for. For an additional step up for your space, ask about the kitchen remodeling that we offer for our interested customers. If you aren't sure a deck is right for your mobile home, see some of the great benefits a deck will provide below:

  • Increased value for your mobile home
  • Additional space for those in your home
  • Great place to spend time

Mobile home decks are a great addition to any home and especially mobile homes. This structure is a great way to add value to your home. Whether or not you plan on selling your mobile home soon, a deck with maintenance kept up will be a wonderful asset if you ever intend to. A deck also offers additional space for your family and possessions. Mobile homes can be small and this can mean needing more room which is why a mobile home deck is a great investment to add some extra footage. Finally, a deck is just a great place to spend time! You'll love the gatherings you can have on any of our mobile home decks all while enjoying the wonderful outdoors.

Mobile Home Flooring Options From All Set

All Set is more than just your pros in Palmetto mobile home repairs; we also specialize in everything to do with flooring. In a space like a mobile home, flooring can do a lot for the spaces that you love most. There is the benefit of appearance that you get from choosing a flooring that suits you that is a great way to tie a room together or just get one started. There is another benefit of being able to choose the flooring material that serves your home's needs best. Our team can walk you through all your flooring options to find the right one for you whether you're looking for durability, style, or ease of maintenance. Contact All Set today to see all of our flooring possibilities and let us get started on your mobile home.

All Set's Mobile Home Sub Floors Will Blow You Away

Sub floors are the layer of your flooring beneath the flooring you see that provides a stable and level surface for your chosen flooring to rest on. When this layer of flooring has been improperly installed or damaged either from moisture or time, it must be repaired or replaced. A properly functioning sub floor is essential to more easily lay down flooring and ensure that you will be left with a home that looks and feels great.

The process of installing, repairing, or replacing a sub floor is a complicated process that can't be carried out by the average homeowner and should be left to a professional team you trust. This team should be the team at All Set because we are dedicated to serving our customers that has you sure your experience is so good you call us back for every project you need in your mobile home.

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